The Luke Starkiller Sourcebook
By Brendon Wahlberg

This mini-sourcebook contains background material from the Second Draft of Star Wars, supplemented with selected material from the first draft, both of which were written by George Lucas. This sourcebook was written in preparation for my sequel to the Lucas script, “Princess of Ondos“. This sourcebook details the major characters, planets, and factions of this early version of Lucas’ Star Wars universe. This information is based entirely on the work of George Lucas. –Brendon Wahlberg


ARTOO DETOO (R2-D2) an old and battered construction robot. Artoo is a short (36 inches), claw-armed, tri-ped R-2 unit. His face is a mass of computer lights, surrounding a radar eye. He has a metallic claw arm for grasping and one for computer interface, a hologram projector, and a small floodlight on his forehead. He makes a series of electronic sounds that only a robot could understand, an elaborate combination of whistles, beeps and clicks. He served Master Deak for three years and eight months. He now chooses to continue to serve Master Luke. Artoo can be quite emotional, showing anger or sheepishness when things don’t go his way. He often swears electronically, and can be quite rude to C-3PO.

BAIL ANTILLES one of the Aquillian Rangers. He is a tall man with a distinctive uniform; on his helmet is the crest of Aquillae. He carries a “laser sword” (a small baton kept on his belt which instantly ignites into a long glowing laser light sword) and serves The Force of Others. The Rangers are agents of the Starkiller, and Bail shows great respect for the Starkiller and his sons.

BIGGS AND WINDY STARKILLER the youngest sons of the Starkiller, twin boys a little over seven years old, both very excitable, playful, and restless. They are living with Owen Lars until they are ready to be trained.

CHEWBACCA an eight foot tall, savage-looking creature resembling a huge gray bush-baby monkey with fierce “baboon”-like fangs. His large yellow eyes dominate a fur-covered face and soften his otherwise awesome appearance. Over his matted, furry body, he wears two chrome bandoliers, a flak jacket painted in a bizarre camouflage pattern, brown cloth shorts, and little else. He is a two-hundred-year-old “Wookiee”, and a sight to behold. Han speaks to the Wookiee in his own language, which is little more than a series of grunts. Chewbacca is Han’s first mate on their stolen ship. He can be either fierce or very frightened in the face of danger. He willingly joins Han in his con artist schemes. (See ALIENS – Wookiees)

CLIEGG STARKILLER (dies on the mission to find Luke, before Deak is captured) The older brother of Deak, Cliegg was a son of the Starkiller.

(LORD) DARTH VADER “First Knight of the Sith”. A seven foot tall Black Knight of the Sith, Vader is “right hand” to the Master of the Sith, Espaa Valorum. His sinister face is partially obscured by his flowing black robes and grotesque breath mask, which are in sharp contrast to the fascist white armored suits of the Imperial stormtroopers. Lord Vader speaks in an oddly filtered voice through his complex breathing mask. He is unspeakably evil and terrifying. He is sadistic and brutal, and tends to laugh horribly. Although he is a strong leader among the Sith, he is feared by Imperial troops, and he dislikes the Imperials he has to work with. In the Battle of Yavin, Vader’s ship crashed into Han Solo’s starship. Whether Vader survived is unclear.

DEAK STARKILLER The young captain appears to be about twenty-five years old, and he is the oldest surviving son of the Starkiller. He wears the loose-fitting robes of a Jedi knight. The imposing young Jedi carries a chrome laser pistol in a holster and a glowing red laser sword. He is the best warrior among the sons of the Starkiller. After his rescue from Alderaan, where he was tortured by the Sith, the Bogan is still heavy with him and he needs time to recover. Facing battle with a grim smile, Deak is brave, resourceful, and resolute even in the face of great danger.

EMPEROR COS DASHIT (From the first draft) The dark Cos Dashit is “Lord of Alderaan, Consul to the Supreme Tribunal, and ruler of the Galactic Empire”. He is a thin, gray-looking man, with an evil mustache which hangs limply over his insipid lip.

ESPAA VALORUM “Master of the Sith”. His Eminence Prince Espaa Valorum, the Master of the Bogan, killed most (but not all) of the Starkiller’s sons.

GENERAL AAY ZAVOR a large, nervous, cowardly, sallow-eyed Rebel General.

GENERAL DODANA a young astro-general.

The GRANDE MOUFF TARKIN a thin, bird-like Rebel commander of the outland Kesselian Dragoons. A proponent of using cybormitic (cyborg) analysis for attack and planning procedures, rather than using The Force of Others.

HAN SOLO a young Corellian pirate only a few years older than Luke. He is a burly-bearded but ruggedly handsome boy dressed in a gaudy array of flamboyant apparel. Solo thinks he is an important starpilot, but he was really only a “Cabin-Boy” for Oxus. He is very cocky: “Nothing’s impossible. Not for me anyway”. For his services, he is paid eight million in neatly minted chrome bars by the Starkiller. Luke gives him a gray gunbelt with a chrome laser sword attached. It was fashioned by the Bomerwrights of Sullest, and it is a special blade with great power that will never fail. Han has a large ego and can be condescending and sarcastic. He is a con artist who thinks on his feet and lies as easily as he laughs. He is also foolhardy, and tends to run right into a fight. He is always after the big monetary payoff.

JABBA THE HUTT a gruff and grisly pirate, large and mangy, a slavering hulk who works for Oxus.

LEIA (LARS) the beautiful sixteen-year-old daughter of Owen and Beru. She has a crush on Luke; she admires him and worries for him. Luke does not seem comfortable with her affection and love. She is suspicious and outspoken by nature.

LUKE STARKILLER a short, chubby boy about eighteen years old. He is a son of the Starkiller. Luke might be the subject of the prophecy — “…And in the time of greatest despair there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as: THE SON OF THE SUNS.” (Journal of the Whills, 3:127) A Seer tells him, “Your fate is clouded…but the will of the force has set your path. The man you seek you’ll find inside (Solo); the one who needs you, you’ll find in time (Deak). Fear not, for the “son of the suns” will free us all.” “The son of the suns” is the last of the Starkiller line, whom the seers have said would bring down the Empire. (This is Luke, a son born under the twin suns.) Raised on Utapau by the Lars family, Luke lived with them and his mother until she died. More scholar than warrior, he preferred to work on jud stone carvings, and a “catalog on the ancients”, a paleontology text. Luke is a bit naïve. Owen has tried to teach him the ways of a warrior, and while Luke is a good pilot, he is not very good at the disciplines of power or speed. For example, he does not yet know the “grip of tython” or “the seven moves”. Luke looks up to Deak for being a warrior. But Luke has a mature wisdom, and in need, he is good with a laser sword. Afraid and reluctant to join the fight, he nevertheless faces his responsibility. He doesn’t give up, and is good under pressure. Luke has yet to learn about the Force, from a father he doesn’t remember and has never met.

MONTROSS HOLDAACK a large, aging, portly Corellian man who walks with a stiff, awkward gait. He is a friend and partner to Han Solo. In the past, Montross single-handedly destroyed a colony of Banthas and rescued Solo from death. According to Solo, he is “the greatest science officer in the galaxy”. Always thinking scientifically, he relies on study and calculations before acting. He is a cyborg with nothing human left but his head and right arm. He was formerly one of the greatest warriors in the galaxy. Losing so much of his body continually threatens him with madness or death. He is good at coming up with cautious, careful plans, balancing Solo’s recklessness. Montross feels old and weary, and is easily upset.

OWEN LARS a bearded, sturdy-burly man in his early fifties who has a plump-jolly wife, Beru. Owen has trained seven of The Starkiller’s sons in the disciplines of a warrior, but he is not a Jedi Bendu himself. He smokes a pipe.

Owen and Beru are parental, and act like a kind old married loving couple. They are supportive and faithful to Luke. Although he plans to leave Utapau, Owen is destined to be captured along with his family. Owen feels his main duty is to the twins.

(CAPTAIN) OXUS a drunkard man of the grossest dimensions. His scarred face is a grim testimonial to his prowess as a pirate and a killer. Oxus is an evil galactic buccaneer — the terror of the Outland territories. He smuggles Akurian spice shipments, Covina, and “Auraspice”, a silver powder. Oxus easily flies into a drunken rage. He is likely to hunt down Han Solo for stealing his ship.

SEE THREEPIO (C-3PO) an old and battered construction robot. He is a tall, slender C-3 unit of human proportions. He has a gleaming bronze-like metallic surface of an “Art Deco” design. He functions in Human-Cyborg relations and as an interpreter. C-3PO served Master Deak for over three years. Now he chooses to continue to serve Master Luke. The pessimistic C-3PO is very talkative, and worries out loud a great deal. He and Artoo argue and insult each other, but they hold real affection for one another.

THE STARKILLER a wizened old man with long silver hair and white robes. He is over three hundred years old. An aura of power radiates from the ancient Jedi. The Starkiller is a large man, but shriveled and bent by an incalculable number of years. His face, cracked and weathered by exotic climates, is set off by a long silver beard and penetrating crystal-clear gray-blue eyes. He is an elusive person, more of a myth than a man. He is a very commanding leader. One of his possessions is a gold medallion with his crest on it, given to Deak and taken by Vader. It has great power. His plans now include teaching Luke about the Force. The Starkiller divined the Death Star’s weak point using the Force.

WIFE OF THE STARKILLER (Not Named) Dead and buried beneath a tall smooth stone planted on a mound at the Lars homestead. Many Jedi have fallen since she died. Luke misses her very much.

BLACK KNIGHTS OF THE SITH a ferocious rival sect of mercenary warriors who fight against the Jedi. During one of his lessons, a young Padawan-Jedi, a boy named Seig Darklighter, came to know the evil half of the force, and fell victim to the spell of the dreaded Bogan. He ran away from his instructor and taught the evil ways of the Bogan Force to a clan of Sith pirates, who then spread untold misery throughout the systems. They became the personal bodyguards of the Emperor. The Jedi were hunted down by these deadly Sith knights. With every Jedi death, contact with the Ashla grows weaker, and the force of the Bogan grows more powerful.

JEDI BENDU OF ASHLA In another time, long before the Empire, and before the Republic had been formed, a holy man called the Skywalker became aware of a powerful energy field which he believed influenced the destiny of all living creatures…The “Force of Others”. After much study, he was able to know the force, and it communicated with him. He came to see things in a new way. His “aura” and powers grew very strong. The Skywalker brought a new life to the people of his system, and became one of the founders of the Republic Galactica. The “Force of Others” talked to him in a manner different from the way humans talk. The “Force of Others” has two halves: Ashla, the good, and Bogan, the paraforce or evil part. Fortunately, the Skywalker came to know the good half and was able to resist the paraforce; but he realized that if he taught others the way of the Ashla, some, with less strength, might come to know Bogan, the dark side, and bring unthinkable suffering to the Universe. For this reason, the Skywalker entrusted the secret of The Force only to his twelve children, and they in turn passed on the knowledge only to their children, who became known as the “Jedi Bendu of the Ashla”: “the servants of the force”. For thousands of years, they brought peace and justice to the galaxy.

Until the tragic Holy Rebellion of “06”, the respected Jedi were the most powerful warriors in the Universe. For a hundred thousand years, generations of Jedi Bendu knights learned the ways of the mysterious Force of Others, and acted as the guardians of peace and justice in the Republic. Now these legendary warriors are all but extinct. One by one they have been hunted down and destroyed by the Sith. At one time there were several hundred Jedi families, but now there are only two or three. They’re hidden; but many are still fighting to free the systems from the grip of the Empire.

THE FORCE OF OTHERS A picture of how the Force works can be gathered from lines in the script. Anyone can feel the Force when it is in use, and it can have a strong effect on some alien species, such as Monduths. In fact, a primary use of the Force seems to be influencing large groups of people in battle. The Force can be strong among a group, or in a place (The Bogan force is strong with the enemy. The power of the Bogan is strong on the Death Star). When the Bogan is directed at a group, it can have a devastating effect. (The Bogan force is too strong upon us. Our spirit is broken. The Bogan is already beginning to work on you…Will you flee like frightened children again? We were overwhelmed; his plan was hopeless as this new plan of his is hopeless…). Of course, the Ashla can have the same effect. (Yes, my Lord, the Ashla Force is strong upon us. I can’t hold the panic). It is within the power of strong willed individuals to try to fight off the effects of the Force. (You must rally the men, fight off your despair. You’re feeling the Bogan’s despair. Be strong, drive it from your thoughts. It’s the Bogan force making you feel that way. Don’t give up hope… fight it! We must strain — counter the force). For servants of the Ashla, fighting the Bogan seems to involve positive thinking. (Think of good things. The force of the Bogan is strong, and if you don’t feel you can make it, you probably won’t). There seems to be a balance to the Force. When one side gets stronger, the other gets weaker. It is possible to weaken one side so much that its servants lose contact with it. (With every Jedi death, contact with the Ashla grows weaker, and the force of the Bogan grows more powerful. Your contact with The Force of Others is weak to the point where it can no longer be trusted. The Force of Others is no longer with us). At times like those, faith seems to be a very important question. (The force of others is still with us… This new attack formula is contrary to the cyborg plan and depends too much on faith…a faith that deserted us at Ogana Major. Our blind, unwavering faith in you and the Ashla has led to our doom… His son brings us new faith).

The Force gives power over physical objects. (Every object that isn’t bolted down is picked up by an invisible force and hurled at the young Jedi. When the objects reach about two feet of Deak, they are deflected by an invisible shield which surrounds him. The Sith knights raise their arms over their heads, creating a powerful force field. The mighty blast-shield door bulges under the pressure of the Sith para-force). Another use of this telekinetic power is strangulation. (Suddenly it appears as if the commander can’t catch his breath). Powerful Sith like Vader can even drain an opponent’s energy. (Deak seems to be under increasing pressure and strain, as if an invisible weight were being placed upon him. He shakes his head and blinking, tries to clear his eyes. Slowly Deak is forced to his knees as all his energy is drained from his being. Finally, he collapses in a heap). A Jedi who has been affected by the Bogan can suffer “spiritual wounds”. In death, a Jedi “joins the Force of Others”. The Force also gives a telepathy-like power over very long distances, as when Luke gets a message from his father.

Finally, it should be emphasized that understanding the Force is a spiritual matter. (The Bogan arts often run contrary to the ways of science…and logic. You would trust a machine’s logic over The Force of Others?)

THE KIBER CRYSTAL a small diamond-like crystal. It is the only one in existence. A Jedi can use the supernatural gem to intensify the Ashla force a hundred fold, but it can also be used to intensify the power of the Bogan. The Sith would do anything to have it, for it would mean their certain victory. It can be used for healing. It can also be used to hold off the force of the Bogan and create panic among the Sith. As the Starkiller said, “The Sith are many, but we hold the one power mightier than they: the Kiber Crystal. It is your captain and your banner. Do not fear to go where it leads”. When it is used, the Kiber’s force moves into the wielder’s body, and the powerful stone radiates a clear almost blinding light.

REPUBLIC GALACTICA and the FIRST GALACTIC EMPIRE The Republic Galactica is dead. Ruthless trader barons, driven by greed and the lust for power, have replaced enlightenment with oppression, and “rule by the people” with the First Galactic Empire.

As the Republic spread throughout the galaxy, encompassing over a million worlds, the Great Senate grew to such overwhelming proportions that it no longer responded to the needs of its citizens. After a series of assassinations and elaborately rigged elections, the Great Senate became secretly controlled by the Power and Transport guilds. When the Jedi discovered the conspiracy and attempted to purge the Senate, they were denounced as traitors.

Several Jedi allowed themselves to be tried and executed, but most of them fled into the Outland systems and tried to tell people of the conspiracy. But the elders chose to remain behind, and the Great Senate diverted them by creating civil disorder. The Senate secretly instigated race wars, and aided anti government terrorists. They slowed down the system of justice, which caused the crime rate to rise to the point where a totally controlled and oppressive police state was welcomed by the systems. The Empire was born. The systems were exploited by a new economic policy which raised the cost of power and transport to unbelievable heights. Many worlds were destroyed this way. Many people starved.

REBEL ALLIANCE From the celestial equator to the farthest reaches of the Great Rift, seventy small solar systems (including Ogana Major) have united in a common war against the tyranny of the Empire. Under the command of a mighty Jedi warrior known as The Starkiller, the Alliance has won a crushing victory over the deadly Imperial Star Fleet. The Empire knows that one more such defeat will bring a thousand more solar systems into the rebellion, and Imperial control of the Outlands could be lost forever.

IMPERIAL LEGIONS OF ALDERAAN Stormtroopers who carry reflective chrome shields, multiplelaser rifles, electronic cuffs, com-link transmitters, small lights in their gunbelts, a thin cable on a utility belt, and laser swords. They wear white armor. They are also known as Manthas troops among the Sith.

IMPERIAL TIE FIGHTERS ion engine driven ships, sleek space fighters from the Imperial third fleet. The craft are small cylindrical power shells dominated by two huge solar fins. They can fly in a tight formation. The Imperial fighters are four-man craft crammed with sophisticated electronic weaponry. The cold, professional Pilot and Gunnery Officer sit side by side, surrounded by lighted read-outs. They wear the same gleaming black uniforms as the dungeon guards. TIE fighters can fire two deadly laser bolts at a time. TIE fighter equipment includes communications, life form scanners, ship position readouts, sun shields, and grappling/towing lines.

REBEL FIGHTERS The several different types of sleek two-man fighter craft have a wide variety of markings. Several of the ships have bizarre and colorful designs painted across their large deflector fins, which transforms the crafts into huge and grotesque creatures, while others create beautiful and unique mosaic patterns. Starpilots and navigators in a variety of different style spacesuits wear helmets and space packs. The air warriors are a wide mix of humans and other creatures from the many systems in the Alliance. The ships have ion engines. The navigator sits in a small isolated glass bubble to the rear of the craft. The many monitors are filled with various computer read-outs and displays. Over the com-link, starpilots can report to their Pilot Leader. Two gunners rotate around in the gun-pod. Fuel pods are jettisoned before an attack.

STAR DESTROYERS Giant Imperial star destroyers are warships which can fire hundreds of deadly laser bolts. On the bridge, an awesome array of lighted panels and computer monitors are reflected in the polished black helmets of six Imperial master-pilots. A fifth-ranked General of the Fleet sits in a rotating chair suspended from the cabin ceiling, watching the chief pilot maneuver the huge warship. For a boarding action, the huge gray underbelly of the Imperial warship can hover over a target while a small hatch near one of the complex antenna groupings silently slides open. With fascist precision, ten stormtroopers wearing ominous armored spacesuits then drop onto the top of the targeted rebel craft.

AIR TANKS (from the first draft) Large, ponderous air tanks start up with a loud roar and move slowly, riding magically two to three feet above the ground. The tank pilots talk to one another on an intercom system. The tank crews can track targets with various electronic scopes, and can open up with a barrage of laser bolts. Antenna groupings protrude from the tops of the air tanks, where the main hatch is located. The main control panel in the crowded tank interior contains lights, monitors, and several switches.

TUSKENS Ride in sinister-looking, black Imperial speeders. Large, gray, burly Imperial “Tuskens” have reddish eyes sunken in larger than normal faces. Tusken Platoons scout, spy, and report for the Empire.

HAN SOLO’S STARSHIP a long, complex spacecraft – a Corellian Gypsy vessel, a rag-tag, custom-built ship, a modified F-888 Cargo Trawler. The entry bay of the large starship is also the main lounge area of the ship. There are high-backed chairs and a small lighted table covered with many small metal figures. Each side of the game table has a small computer monitor embedded in it. There is also another large table. The cockpit of the starship is crowded with a haphazard array of computer switches and monitors, alive with humming meters and softly buzzing read-outs. There are scan-shielded compartments and lockers on board. The ship has at least seven escape pods. For weapons, the ship has two main laser cannons mounted in large rotating bubble turrets, and a rear gun turret. A Gunner straps in, dons glare reflectors, adjusts his head-phones, and searches his electronic tracking screen for Imperial fighters. In Hyper-skip, the pirate starship races through the galaxy at an incredible speed and is still maneuverable.

DEATH STAR A huge, armored space station as large as a small moon, the Death Star has a low travelling velocity. The north pole of the complex globe has six black towers dominating the detailed portion of the sphere. In an area somewhere below these generating towers, there is a small thermal exhaust port. It is an unshielded shaft that runs directly into the reactor system. A direct hit straight into the shaft would set up a chain reaction that would destroy the Death Star. The greatest concentration of fire power is at the poles. The complex surface of the fortress includes prime power terminals, large turbo-powered laser gun emplacements, a huge radar disc, a north pole transmitter area, a forest of radar domes, antennae and gun towers, sophisticated deflection systems, solar panels, and many outcroppings of laser towers and transmitters. The Death Star in action: “Explosions create blinding flashes on the planet’s surface as the Imperial fortress bombards the moon with a fusillade of laser bolts. Half the planet is torn away. What’s left of it is contaminated”.

From the first draft: “Men and robots of various shapes and sizes populate the station. Grim-faced Imperial troopers ride small rocket platforms through the halls. The Death Star was commanded by CRISPIN HOEDAACK, a newly appointed Imperial Governor, a young, evil, treacherous man with stone-cut, angular features, and piercing grey eyes. The Governor’s Quarters are an important looking office complex. There are several heavily guarded doorways before the main chamber. Seated behind a large, cluttered desk surrounded by generals and attaches is Governor Hoedaack.”

UTAPAU A Planet with a warm, amber surface, Utapau has five lifeless small moons. One of the Outland Dark Planets.

Locations and features include:

EDGE OF THE DUNE SEA – JUNDLAND, or “No Man’s Land” where the rugged desert mesas meet the foreboding dune sea.

ROCK CANYON The gargantuan rock formations are shrouded in a strange mist, and the ominous sounds of unearthly creatures fill the air.

ANCHORHEAD From a distance, the settlement of Anchorhead shines under the twin suns like an inviting oasis, but it is merely a small settlement. It consists of a few run-down blockhouse-type buildings, and rests against one of the huge rock mesas. The dozen or so buildings, including a dilapidated power station, are bleached white by the two Utapau suns and all but covered by the desert sands. A harsh and dusty wind blows through the empty streets of the tiny settlement.

LARS HOMESTEAD Owen has a small moisture ranch about three measures out of Anchorhead, due north. Several low gray concrete buildings squat in the middle of a desolate valley. The main courtyard of the Lars Homestead contains a sparse but sparkling oasis, with low concrete walls and great turrets spilling over with foliage from rooftop gardens. The entrance is an enormous shaded corridor. The main living area is a dim, cool room projecting a feeling of time-worn comfort and security. There is a large window for watching the giant twin sunset of Utapau behind a distant dune range. There is a large, over-stuffed chair near a pot-belly thermal-heater which dominates the room.

MOS EISLEY the spaceport at Mos Eisley is a haphazard array of low gray concrete structures and semi-domes. A harsh gale blows across the bleak canyon floor. A leaden sky presses down on the large settlement, which seems to be losing a never-ending battle against the shifting sands. There is a run-down, blockhouse cantina on the outskirts of the spaceport. Various strange forms of transport, including several unusual beasts of burden, are parked outside the bar. The murky, moldy smoke-filled cantina is filled with a startling array of weird and exotic alien creatures and monsters, laughing at the long metallic bar. One-eyed, thousand-eyed, slimy, furry, scaly tentacles and claws huddle over drinks. When in Mos Eisley, Solo stays in a narrow slum dwelling in an alleyway crowded with darkly-clad creatures hawking exotic goods in dingy little stalls. Men and monsters crouch in waste-filled doorways whispering and hiding from the chilling winds. The dwelling is a decaying stone building at the far end of the alley. In the dark and dingy room lives a female “Boma” named Oeeta, a fur-covered creature about five feet high which looks like a cross between a brown bear and a guinea pig. Han is fond of her.

ALDERAAN the city at the very heart of the Empire. Alderaan is an island city suspended in a sea of cirrus methane. The dungeons there have triple guards, scramble scanners, gas locks, and every sector is isolated. It is the dwelling place of the Bogan Master: Prince Valorum. Alderaan is a gray gaseous planet; huge billowing clouds extend out like menacing tentacles. The towering white oxide clouds part, revealing the Imperial city of Alderaan. The magnificent domed and gleaming city is perched, mushroom-like, on a tall spire which disappears deep into the misty surface of the planet.

There is a large main forward docking bay, with several gantries and control towers. A main spaceport causeway has several small side passages. One of these has a grate leading to a giant trash masher. Inside the city, troops and bureaucrats bustle about. Small elevators, pod-like vehicles, travel through vacuum tubes. These can be filled with gas to stop intruders. The Dungeon/ Detention Center has an old, gray security station. Guards, alarms, camera eyes, and laser gates are everywhere. In the hall are rows of low, stone-cell doors. Prisoners can be suspended inside the cell by invisible rays, controlled by a small box in the wall. From the Dungeon, one can enter ever-darkening, narrow side passageways with cold stone steps on winding, descending stairways. The eerie, slimy corridor gets narrower and narrower as one descends into the bowels of the city. Suddenly the way opens up to a wide, low ceiling corridor that is very dark and dank. There are legends of the Sith keeping Dai Nogas in the belly of the city – these stories are true. It is said that only a Jedi, strong with the Force, can stop a Dai Noga. Laser bolts pass through the huge creature, which is a cross between a huge spider and a giant squid with long slimy tentacles. Solo defeated one by burying it in rubble. One security measure in the city is a complex blast-shield door which is opened by pushing a series of buttons on a lock switch. The several layers of hatches and locks slowly peel away. When the main blast-shield lock switch is pulled, the five layers of door instantly slam shut. (from the first draft)

Emperor Cos Dashit gives speeches from a Review Stand, a huge, austere platform in the Plaza of the Daders, a part of the city that resembles a glass canyon. Present for these State occasions are generals, dressed in the black and grey uniform of the realm, members of the Supreme Tribunal, and Governors of various systems. The Emperor may review a parade of Imperial shock troops and giant air tanks. The Plaza of the Daders may be filled with a hundred rows of troops, a thousand men snapping to attention and occasionally shouting an Imperial salute. A light wind blows the great red banner of the Empire, creating a subtle flapping sound. To enter or leave the plaza, one must pass through several check stations, where one is forced to show identification.

Within the city, one may enjoy the glass and chrome splendor of one of the famous nightclubs of Alderaan. At one of the long mirrored bars, one speaks into a small intercom on the bar front. A drink appears magically from a small elevator in the bar. But patrons are monitored from Bar observation centers, where controllers listen for anti-Imperial talk.

Living quarters of Imperial Governors are also found in the city. These are typically large, white-on-white executive quarters, secure meeting places for high level officials.

YAVIN’S FOURTH MOON The Yavin system is way beyond the rim of the galaxy, but there is an outpost, a Rebel base on the emerald green fourth moon of the gas giant. The moon has a dense, steaming jungle and a murky swamp. There is a forest of gargantuan trees shrouded in an eerie mist. The air is heavy with the fantastic cries of unimaginable creatures. Gruesome and unnatural sounds permeate this ghostly wasteland. The jungle is a strange and eerie, fog-laden purgatory. A ridge overlooks the rebel outpost of Masassi. All that can be seen of the fortress is a lone guard standing on a small pedestal jutting out above the dense jungle. The Masassi outpost war room is a low metal building to one side of a large ship runway. The war room is a mass of glass enclosures, electronic wall displays, monitors and computer stations. Officers and aides rush to and fro. There is a large, dimly lit conference room dominated by a huge galactic display board and a long table.

AQUILLAE (from the first draft) an eerie, reddish-yellow planet, home planet of Bail Antilles and source of the Rangers. In the city of Calvas, the royal seat of King Kayos Aquillae and Queen Breha is the Palace of Lite. The planet is mostly a desert wilderness, but the palace is a sparkling oasis. There is also an underground hidden fortress containing the Aquillian war room. The full assembly of the Government meets in the city of Amsel, which is reached by way of the vast Red Plains of Caldin, where huge ultrasleek powerplows plant green fungus in endless furrows. The planetary defenses of Aquillae include squadrons of powerful silver “Devil” fighters, two-man starships of the destroyer class, which take off from the military sections of several spaceport city outposts, including one in Gordon. Aquillian air warriors have the distinctive circle and cross medallion on their white space suits. Pilot Leader flies the first ship; his navigator sits in a small, isolated glass bubble to the rear of the craft. Leaders back at the war room can seen on one of many monitors. The rest are filled with various computer readouts and displays. The other starships report to Pilot Leader over an intercom. The ship computers can map a surface to be attacked, display the map, and pick out weak spots. Pilot tactics include the “ranger defense,” concentrating fire, generating a spread six formation, jettisoning fuel pods and breaking off into a powerline attack. The fighters have ejection seats for escaping, with automatic rockets to direct and soften the landing. The Gordon spaceport also contains landing areas for large Baltarian freighters and other ships. Passengers leave from crowded terminals with security gates and boarding ramps. Passenger identification is carried on computer discs. Additional security is provided by “cutter” force fields. Ships take off through giant Silo Covers which open to the sky. Aquillae has a treasure of biotic science (Genetics and cloning.) Their scientists have added two-hundred years to a lifespan. The Aquillae family has ruled the system for ten thousand years. The people will follow no other. If the royal line is broken, there is a good chance the entire population will destroy themselves and their knowledge before submitting to Imperial rule.

JAWAS Creatures native to Utapau, no taller than Artoo. They have strange and complex weapons, wear grubby cloaks, and their faces are shrouded so that only their yellow eyes can be seen. They hiss and make odd guttural sounds. They smell horribly, attracting small insects to the dark areas where their mouths and nostrils should be. Jawas aren’t traders, they’re “metalmen” who melt droids down. They are led by evil Jawa trading lords. Jawas travel in huge sandcrawlers, tank-like vehicles the size of a two-story house.

WOOKIEES (from the first draft) huge, gray furry beast-like giants with fierce baboon-like fangs. They can squawk, jabber, yell, scream, laugh, screech, chatter, and cheer. They hug and kiss to show affection, and kneel and bow to show respect.

Wookiees are strong enough to pick up a human and snap him in two, like a stick of wood. Wookiee warriors are excellent with weapons and hand to hand combat. They use such weapons as axes, spears, arrows, and large shiny shields. They know how to make large and deadly traps out of primitive materials. Wookiees can learn to fly space ships, and they prove to be proficient and aggressive flyers. At first, they might approach technology with a combination of complete panic and an awesome religious experience. But their natural skill and enthusiasm lets them get the hang of it fairly quickly.

A typical Wookiee Camp on their forest homeworld is a small clearing surrounded by many bark and mud hovels, or lodges. Among the mud huts is the large chief’s quarters. Young Wookiees run in and out of the grubby little dwellings. Giant, bushbaby-like Wookiees of all ages and sizes walk through the clearing. There is a raised area in the middle of the clearing which is used for combat. Guards with long spears provide protection. Some Wookiee warriors wear helmets with plumes and chest armor. At times, the Wookiees hold a beautiful, but frenzied fire festival. Wookiees perform the Waita Tar dance, and yodel in a barking fashion around a large fire. The female Wookiees arrive, carrying torches, and move in a circle around the males.
Trappers often come to the Wookiee homeworld, capturing native Wookiees. The scruffy, alien trappers use large, tank-like “jungle crawlers” to transport their captives, selling them to the Empire for slaves. The trappers speak in a strange language, and although they appear slightly human, they are slimy, deformed, hideous looking creatures known as Yourellians.

Notable Wookiees from Chewbacca’s former tribe:
DEWANNA the largest of the Wookiees
CHEWBACCA The eight foot tall son of Auzituck, Prince of the Sawas, a very powerful tribe. Rescued from slavery by Han Solo, he learned how to fly starships and stayed with Solo as part of a life debt.
AUZITUCK Chewbacca’s father, Chief of the Kaapauku tribe; an old and feeble Wookiee dressed in royal skins and headdress.
JOMMILLIA a large, ferocious Wookiee who fights with a spear and double-bladed battle ax.

…And a thousand new systems joined the rebellion, causing a significant crack in the great wall of the powerful Galactic Empire. The Starkiller would once again spark fear in the hearts of the Sith knights, but not before his sons were put to many tests…the most daring of which was the kidnapping of the Lars family, and the perilous search for: “The Princess of Ondos.”