My good friend Lars Ole (or Ollie as we call him) made this beautiful model of a Rebel Snowspeeder. This was his second scratch-built model, his first being the Imperial TIE Bomber. I met Lars some years ago at a convention where I attended with some of my models. He begged me to teach him my secrets. He became my unofficial  “apprentice” (sound familiar?) and excelled beyond my expectations. We often work together in my workshop while listening to the Star Wars radio dramas. There have been many legendary weekends resulting in incredible output.

Ollie used the Star Wars Chronicles and Art of The Empire Strikes Back books as references.

The first thing he built was the cockpit. This was made from styrene. For the glass in the canopy he used clear PVC. The pilots were made from Cernit, which is much like Super Sculpey. The cockpit interior is lit by fiber optics. Most of the cockpit interior details were kit-bashed from battleship kits.

The large laser cannons were turned from PVC and acrylic tubes. For the cannon details he made styrene and putty prototypes that were reproduced by casting resin in silicone molds. He also made several high quality prototypes of parts like the rear engines and the front of the cannons, from which he cast copies in resin.

The hull of the speeder was built from 2mm styrene sheets and the panel lines were scribed with a sharpened screwdriver.

Once the model was built, the canopy windows were masked out and the model was base-coated. Lars used an airbrush to paint the model. All the decals and markings were added by masking and spraying the desired patterns. The model was given a wash with thinner and oil colors to bring depth to panel lines and details. Then it was dry-brushed to bring out the raised details.