Lasse Henning was born in 1968 in Norway, where he still lives. His life was somewhat turned upside down by the release of Star Wars in 1977. He started experimenting with model scratch-building in 1984 and has kept at it since then. Lasse is self-taught in most modeling disciplines and currently works as a model builder for an architectural company that builds buildings and landscapes.

This site will serve as a homing beacon to those hopeful ones aspiring to re-create their own part of the STAR WARS Universe. If you are one of those who have been intensely studying all of the pictures from the ILM model shop trying to determine how the models were built, you may find some of the answers here.

Scratch-building may seem an impossible task for the inexperienced, but this need not necessarily be the case. If you consider yourself to be a fair craftsman, all you need is a little faith in your own abilities and some good old patience. My only advice is to start with a model you feel confident about and get a feel for the materials and the basic techniques.

This site contains some of my scratch-built STAR WARS models and I describe the process behind making them. So put on the radio dramas, pour the coffee and start working!