Y-Wing Fighter


This classic rebel starfighter conveys raw engine power and serious attitude. Its battered and worn look tells stories of countless engagements and atmospheric re-entries. If I were to have one hopeless dream come true, it would be to fly this relic into battle with blazing cannons and a warrior’s cry….

Moisture Vaporator


The planet Tatooine has a very special place in my heart. I wonder how many times I’ve daydreamed about traveling the wastes of this dry and barren planet, visiting the isolated communities of moisture farmers. The moisture vaporator is perhaps one of the most beloved artifacts to be found in…



My good friend Lars Ole (or Ollie as we call him) made this beautiful model of a Rebel Snowspeeder. This was his second scratch-built model, his first being the Imperial TIE Bomber. I met Lars some years ago at a convention where I attended with some of my models. He…

Imperial Probe Droid


Building the Probe Droid was a project that I approached with a certain amount of fear and respect. The droid it self is menacing enough, but building the model seemed daunting. This is an ambitious model, so if you are new to scratch-building – you should start with something easier….

Death Star


The first Death Star is the real Phantom Menace. I always wanted to have one in my collection but would I dare build one? Approaching the project left me feeling like I was sitting in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon being drawn in by the tractor beam. The job…